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About Us


She chose to serveWOMEN IN THE MILITARY

To bring Women in the Military together to share their experiences, assist them in obtaining the benefits available to them, providing resources they require and empower them to serve one another and their community charitably, as they return to civilian life.



As soldiers, we are trained to function without gender distinction.

As we transition back into civilian life, we find ourselves in situations that are more specifically experienced by women.  Many of the available Veteran Organizations are not able to address these needs.  Women in the Military strives to identify those unique  problems encountered by female Veterans and provide solutions to them.

Despite the fact that many of us belong to the wonderful traditional Veteran Organizations, we have found that topics such as continuing education, child care availability, skills retraining and motherhood after the military are not frequently addressed.  Women in the Military was created to raise awareness of these issues and assist our Veterans by providing solutions through the four-pronged program we have established.



The establishment of Women in the Military has been accomplished by a cadre of Women Veterans, on a completely voluntary basis.  We do not receive any governmental funding or subsidies, so we rely totally on the donation of funds, goods and services.

With the help of our fellow organizations, private sponsorship and donations, corporate affiliations and eventually government grants, we will be able to provide our local female Veterans assistance with:

-Food Bank
-Medical Coverage and Benefits
-Educational Benefits and Opportunities
-Job/Skills Training Programs
-Job Placement
-Counseling Programs
-Peer Group Events
-Child Care Services
-After School/Vacation Programs
-Services & Goods at Discounts for Members offered by our Affiliated Vendors.

Our Goal is that NO Veteran experience homelessness, poverty or hunger upon return to civilian life.  Help us achieve our Goal.  Thank you.

You can download our brochure by clicking this link: Women in the Military.